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As the pet grooming industry continues to grow, there is a need for well-trained professional pet groomers throughout the world. Grooming opportunities exist in many pet-related businesses, such as grooming shops, veterinary practices, kennels, pet shops, and mobile grooming businesses.Other opportunities include working with professional pet handlers and grooming dogs for the show ring. Grooming instructors are in high demand throughout the country. Pet groomers can even open their own business.
The number of different employers that need groomers increases your flexibility.You can work one day a week to seven days a week.You decide! Both full-time and part-time opportunities exist. If you love animals and have patience, you will find pet grooming a profitable, rewarding career. 
The doors of opportunity await you. Your love for animals can grow into a rewarding career both professionally and financially.  In addition to being rewarding, it is fun too!
"It’s here, the annual rush for groomers. In the last two weeks we have received over 300 help wanted ads that got published and we still have 200 more that arrived this week so far. We are likely to get 300 to 400 more in April easily. "

Stephen, Webmaster and Grooming Industry Consultant

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