The Veterinary Assistant Diploma program offered at the Institute of Technical Arts is designed for students who would like to work closely with the veterinarian and veterinary technician improving the health care of animals.This program teaches students to provide high quality, humane care to animals during all stages of life.

Veterinary Assistant Program Objective

The objective of the Veterinary Assistant program at the Institute of Technical Arts is to develop students’ skills to the fullest, in assisting veterinarians and veterinary technicians at entry-level positions for the benefit of the animal and their owner, ensuring a comfortable and sanitary environment for each animal.

Veterinary Assistant Program Description

The Veterinary Assistant program at the Institute of Technical Arts is intended to teach students to learn how to improve the health care of animals.  Students will be taught to assist in the operation of a veterinary practice. They will learn the basics of first aid, anatomy, routine care, emergency care, surgical preparation, and basic nursing techniques.  

The curriculum in this program includes lecture, lab, clinical experiences at the veterinary clinic on campus, as well as the externship sites.  Hands-on experiences in the veterinary hospital or clinic are given during the externship.This is 300 hours of job readiness training verified by the participating supervisors of the clinic.  

A Diploma will be awarded upon graduation from the Veterinary Assistant program

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